The new ICED glass tables, finds a sculptural expression for a moment of transition, when water undulates between solid and liquid forms.

BLOSSOM, approx. 1000 translucent Japanese paper butterflies, inserted into a handmade spherical shade, form an imposing flower whose light diffuses outward from the inner core, casting the folded paper in a variety of shades.

Seaglas Light and Seaglas – Milena Kling / Photos: Amir Farzad, J-PER Sonntag.

What makes the birds – whose history dates back at least 150 million years –so unique and successful, is one of nature’s most ingenious inventions: the feather.

Since time immemorial, bird feathers have exuded an almost magical fascination, likely borne by our human yearning to be able to soar from the earth.

The aesthetic of the feather, its lightness and the underlying natural “technology”, which helps the bird to fly while protecting and decorating its body at the same time, explains our desire for it.

The feather thus becomes a symbol of lightness and limitlessness – in an abstract sense – between the earthly and the heavenly world.

(Source: Federn kitzeln die Sinne (Feathers tickle the senses), Überseemuseum 2004)

Photos: Christoph Sagel, Anne Deppe.